April 2014 -
April 28, 2014

Motorcycle Technology Growth

Technology! Brain baffling or does it just baffle the brain? I think it is a bit of both. But to think that at my age, I’m […]
April 28, 2014

9 Tips on How to Choose a Reliable Motorcycle Shipper

You have finally taken the plunge and purchased your first motorcycle online, out of state. Now what options do you have to ship the motorcycle home? […]
April 25, 2014

Temporary Shipping of Motorcycles from Canada to USA

With the success of hot TV shows like Monster Garage and American Chopper, customizing and kitting out your motorcycle became the in thing to do. Just […]
April 10, 2014

How to Import a Motorcycle to Canada from USA

Exporting a motorcycle from the United States to Canada is becoming a challenge! You would think that all you need to do is ride north over […]
April 2, 2014

Bikes, Blues & BBQ

I’m a bit of a foodie. Not your fine dining, gourmet, sit down, white tablecloth kind, but more of a bike rally, outdoor bbq pit, long […]