Cross Country Rides: 20 Tips

When you’re planning to hit the road for a cross-country trip, there are many factors that come into plan when mapping your route. It can be daunting to manage the checklist of tasks you have to worry about. Riding thousands of miles across the USA is a privilege not everyone gets a chance to take. How will you know which is the best route to take? What kinds of things should you pack? 

Check out these tips before taking off on a coast-to-coast trip.

1. Give yourself plenty of time. America is bigger than you assume, so budget extra time: at least two weeks.

2. Don’t already have a bike for the trip? Do your research. Just because a bike is expensive and has all the bells and whistles, doesn’t mean it will be the work horse you need to hoof it across the country.

3. Book your motorcycle shippers as soon as you can. Get a few different free quotes from a few different shippers to compare.

4. Don’t take a lot of accessories. They’re expensive and distracting to yourself and other riders on the road.

5.Go backroads when you can, as the highways are not as much fun or scenic as winding back roads.

6. Put on the best tires before heading out. They should have up to 4,000 miles lifespan.

7. Invest in old-school maps, which can be whipped out on the go with no risk of dropping your phone.

8. Wear earplugs, as it gets really loud out on the open road for hours at a time listening to the hum of the road and roar of the bike.

9. During really hot weather, use a cooling vest for comfort.

10. Blog about your daily experiences, which will give insight for other riders and serve as a journal for you.

11. Raise money for a charity while logging hundreds of miles.

12. Use geotags for your photos so you can upload them easily and people know exactly where you are.

13. Plan to have no cell service in spots.

14. It’s best to travel between May and October so you don’t run into snowy or icy conditions.

15. Bring rain gear; dress in layers. Weather can change at a moment’s notice.

16. Connect with weather band radio. This can come in mighty handy in the Midwest during tornado season, for example.

17. Stay in hotels if you can. Even cheap hotels are better than camping because you’ll be very tired at the end of the day and will need a good night’s sleep. You don’t want to have to worry about pitching a tent before you can rest.

18. Go to bed by 10 p.m. and be up by 7 a.m.

19. Eat light in the mornings, saving the big meal for dinner. Snack throughout the day.

20. Ship your bike for at least part of the trip through AA Motorcycle Shipping to save on travel time and wear and tear on your bike.

We have found that the best route is to start on the east coast in Boston, heading through New York, Chicago, South Dakota, Salt Lake City, and ending in San Francisco. Or, you could start in Los Angeles, then go on to Texas, to the Gulf Coast, and finally to Orlando, Florida.

If you need help getting there, start with a free quote from us!

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