How to Budget for a Long Road Trip on Your Bike

Heading for the open road on an extended trip takes a lot of preparation and planning. Part of this means coming up with the money for it first. This isn’t easy, but having a budget in place will ensure your vacation will be well funded. Whether you’re going camping, to the beach or to national landmark, you can rest easy knowing your budget is firmly in place.

Ship Your Cycle

When you ship your cycle, you increase the cost of your budget. But this could be money well spent when you know your bike will be packed and loaded for a safe journey. A one-way destination is ideal for shipping your bike, as you can continue on your vacation in out-of-the-way places to further explore corners of the country you didn’t know existed. You can do all this while knowing your motorcycle is being treated with TLC by professionals. 


You need a detailed plan in place to determine a projected cost. Consider this:

  • Current cost of fuel
  • Mileage you plan on covering 
  • Fuel efficiency

Search online to determine how much gas costs in the areas you plan on visiting. When you consider the fuel efficiency of your tank with the miles you want to cover, you can settle on a rough number.

Bike Maintenance

If going on a very long road trip, be sure to budget in the cost for oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups.


Accommodations will be a big part of your daily budget. You can score a hotel for as cheap as $70 a night up to hundreds per night. Or, stay at a campground for bigger savings.


Food expenses are another big portion of the budget. To save the most, go to fast food joints for your meals, or heat up hot dogs and beans over the fire at a campground. You don’t have to go the cheap route every day, though. Split it up: eat cheap for breakfast and lunch, and splurge at a nicer restaurant for dinner. Street vendors and farmers markets are also affordable options. Bring snacks to save money in between meals. 


Leave room in your budget for miscellaneous stuff, toiletries and incidentals you will need to pick up along the way. You may also want to buy some souvenirs of the places you are seeing, as well as a tea or coffee now and then to stay awake. Keep some cash on you at all times.  

If you decide to ship your cycle as part of your one-way road trip, check out our free Quote page to tell us your specifics. We’ll get back to you with a price to ship your bike in no time!

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