stay warm on a cold motorcycle ride

How to Stay Warm on a Cold Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle riding can be thrilling. Imagine setting out on a trip into the wilderness, far from the hustle and bustle of city life. Imagine the day being warn and the wind being just right! It’s a dream come true, right? Well, it is, till the weather suddenly does a u-turn on you. Then you find yourself cold while in the middle of nowhere. Worst still, you could find yourself soaked to the bone in the rain while desperately trying to find shelter. Then the entire thing turns into a misadventure. Point is, as a motorcyclist, you hardly have control of the weather. It’s better, therefore to be prepared because it can get cold out there. This is something that new riders tend to be unaware of. The following tips should help you stay warn on a cold motorcycle ride;

Get a windshield for your bike

For most people, being exposed to the elements while riding is part of the thrilling of owning a motorcycle. So, getting a windshield can feel like cheating. However, this is something that we highly recommend, particular for cold weather. A large chunk of the cold that the human body feels comes from the wind chill factor. So, by eliminating this, you ensure that you increase the comfort level on your bike.

A windshield can be useful when going on long trips. Imagine riding for miles in the cold with the wind blowing in your face! It’s enough to switch you off of motorcycling altogether. The good news is that it’s easy enough to get aftermarket windshields for most bikes. Get one that you can remove if it’s not needed and you should be good to go. Wind shields are a good way of staying warm on a cold motorcycle ride.

Wear layers of clothes

Don’t assume, when going off on a motorcycle ride in warm weather, that it’s going to stay that way. This is something that we have already noted in the introduction to this article. You have no control over the elements, and you should treat every day as if it’s going to turn out to be the worse. So, you should properly insulate yourself in a layer of warm clothes. You can always remove some layers should it stay warm, but you will have protection in the event that it stays cold.

Keep yourself dry

There is nothing that’s as annoying as unplanned wetness. I mean, we all love to take baths and we all love to dunk into the ocean by the beach. However, those are all planned ways of getting wet. Should it happen to rain while you are wearing flimsy clothes and riding along on your motorcycle, you will probably hate yourself? It’s enough to turn you bake into a car enthusiast. Being wet in the wind is doubly troubling. It’s enough to leave you feeling chilled right to the bone. So, how do you keep yourself dry on a motorcycle? Well, there are rain suits out there that are designed specifically for this purpose.Wear one to stay warm on a cold motorcycle ride.

Get appropriate clothing

This is related to what we have already mentioned. To stay warn on a cold motorcycle ride, you need to keep the wind out. You can only do this if you have appropriate clothing. The good news is that there is no shortage of clothes that are designed for this purposed. You can get a leather jacket, and gloves to help protect yourself. Get denims and boots that are designed for riding. Also consider getting a scarf to keep the wind off of your neck. You could even get a onesie; a one piece suit that’s specifically designed with riders in mind.

Get electric accessories to warm yourself

These are things that not many people have heard about. However, there are electric socks, gloves and vests out there that riders can use to stay warm while riding in cold weather. Do research on what’s best for you. If you get an electric vest, as an example, you will be able to warm your very core, which should be enough to keep out the feeling of cold everywhere else. Please, note, however, that you may need to upgrade your battery to ensure that it is able to power these accessories.

Make sure that air cannot get in

It’s all very well to get gloves, jackets and everything else that we mentioned here, but it’s not going to be helpful if you allow cold air to get in. So, you should make sure that all your clothes are sealed tight, so no air can get in or out. Wear clothes that overlap so there are no gaps where your skin is exposed to the elements.

Heated Grips

Heated grips are another option for those looking to stay warm on a cold motorcycle ride. Like the other accessories that we gave above, heated grips are powered by your motorcycle’s battery. So, it needs to be up to the job. Heated grips tend to be particularly useful because they give your hands the feeling of warmth, which counters the cold that may be getting in elsewhere. Heated grips also serve as protection for your fingers. You can also get electric gloves to increase the warmth.

Check the weather before setting out

 Finally, it’s worth noting that all the above pieces of advice are useful, but nothing beats staying indoors in cold weather. One thing that you are going to need to do is to plan your trips for warm days and seasons. Of course, we do not always have a choice. However, it would be foolhardy to set out on your motorcycle knowing very well that snow is forecast. That’s a good way of getting yourself miserably wet and cold. So, you need to check the weather forecast before starting out.

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