Motorcycling During Coronavirus

Motorcycling During Coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic appears to have become part of our daily lives, at least for the immediate future. They are talking about an antivirus somewhere or the other, but until that comes online, we remain hunkered in our homes, with masks on our faces. In all probability, the disease will continue affecting our lives well into 2021. One group that has been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic are motorcycle enthusiasts. To be fair, they were no more affected than anybody else.

However, motorcyclists tend to be a lot more free spirited than the average human being. They cherish having the wind breeze by as they zip along a dirt track in the middle of nowhere. So, the restrictions that were brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic have been particularly galling. However, all is not lost. If you are one of these people we have just described, the good news is that you can still get your sugar high by following the tips that are outlined in this article. So, what’s in store for motorcycling during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Motorcycling tends to be safer for commuting

This is the first thing that we need to take note of. In most parts of the globe, there are currently restrictions relating to how people interact with one another. Social distancing has become the norm in almost every country. If you use your bike to commute to work, then know that you are probably a lot safer than others who are using public transport.

In that way, motorcycling during the Coronavirus pandemic tends to be safer. You are alone, at least for the duration of your trip. When you get where you are going, however, you do still need to ensure that you follow the laid down regulations. In most places, this includes wearing a mask and not gathering in large groups.

Take short trips to unwind

In parts of the world, people are being asked to stay indoors for large periods of time to avoid being infected with and spreading Coronavirus. Even where staying indoors is not regulated, it’s still the commonsense thing to do. Having as minimal a level of exposure as is possible to strangers if one way of making sure that you and your family stay protected.

Having said that, you are going to reach a point where you need to unwind. You can do so by taking short trips on your bike. Go where there are not that many people and you should be fine. And when getting in contact with other people, make sure that you wear a mask to protect yourself. Take these short trips once in a while, and you should avoid the stress that comes from being locked up. Anyway, motorcycling during the coronavirus pandemic can actually be a safety net. It’s a way to retain your sanity.

Go on Solo rides

We have previously written an article in which we talk about safety precautions when doing solo motorcycle rides. Solo rides are probably one of the answers for motorcycle enthusiasts during the Coronavirus pandemic. Take your bike on the road and allow the wind to steer you wherever it wants you to go. Within reason, of course. Every motorcycle trip should be planned and you should make sure that people know where you are going to be at any given point in time.

Take that long trip you have been putting off for so long

The Coronavirus has pretty much slowed down almost every aspect of our lives. Perhaps you have been laid off from work or your work hours have been shortened. Whatever the case, the good news is that you can use this period to catch up on those adventures that you have been yearning for for so long. Again, use motorcycling during the coronavirus to unwind. We have just been talking about short, solo trips. Instead of being gone only for a few hours, why not take a ride that lasts you days?

You do need, however, that you are not riding into Covid 19 hotspots. Otherwise you are going to end up getting infected. It’s probably better for people to take their bikes into the countryside, where they have less chance of meeting other people. Of course, we reiterate our safety precautions. Going off alone can be liberating, but you still need to make sure that someone knows where you are going. Also remember to carry along a phone, preferably a feature phone whose battery lasts long.

Know the regulations where you are going

Regulations relating to Coronavirus vary from place to place. In some places, visitors are required to be quarantined or to self isolate. This is particularly pertinent if your motorcycle trip is going to cross borders. You don’t want to go to a country where you will immediately be asked to isolate for 2 weeks before you can continue with your adventure. And you don’t want to go to a place where, upon return to your home, you will immediately be put into quarantine. So, it’s good know the regulations where you are going.

Help is far away

One thing that you will notice if you decide to go on a motorcycle trip during the Coronavirus is that there are less people on the road. In fact, you will probably have entire stretches of the road all to yourself. While that may be rather enthralling if you are the lone type, it does pose it’s dangers.

Under normal circumstances, there is safety in numbers. You know when you set off on your trip that should something untoward happen to you, others on the road will be there to come to your aid. That comfort is not there at the moment. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have the means to call for help as you go on your trip.

Exercise hygiene to keep the virus out

This tip applies as much to motorcyclists as it does to everybody else. We are all being told to exercise personal hygiene to keep Covid 19 out. This includes washing hands with soap and making sure that we don’t touch our nose and mouth. In fact, you should probably pack along a bottle of sanitizer when going out on your motorcycle. That way, you can clean your hands every now and again. Also carry along a mask. Many people complain that these can be rather constricting but they are really a necessity. And you will get used to yours after a while.

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