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Need to ship a motorcycle to Arizona? Our truckers pass through Arizona ALL the time! Your moto will just hitch a ride. It's one of the cheapest places to ship.

How it Works

1) A trucker will meet with you in any state and load your motorcycle into the truck. Don't worry, it'll be safely secured to a pallet.
2) Your bike will be shipped to Arizona or anywhere you tell us.
3) You or someone you designate will need to be at the front door. We do door-to-door shipping.


What separates us from the competition? Firstly our service & price, then reviews! Feel free to read them.

Y-Drive Inc BBB Business Review

Are you looking for a reputable company to ship your motorcycles to and from Arizona from any state in the country? If so, you’re in luck with us. We make it easy for you to get going. Just use our instant quote button above.

You don’t have to provide any type of contact information to get a quote at this time. If you like the quote we offer, simply click the “email quote” button at the bottom of that page and you’ll get a formal agreement from us to peruse.

Many people choose to ship a motorcycle to Arizona throughout the entire year. Our customers generally fall into two categories:

1) Those who bought a bike and want it shipped from one state to another or

2) those from Arizona on a one-way road trip and who require transport back home for their motorcycle.

You can rest easy knowing we haul bikes to Arizona from all states and Canadian provinces on a regular basis.

Our motorcycle transport drivers pass by many cities, such as Phoenix, Tucson, or Peoria and many more every week, so they know the roadways and the routines, all in an effort to reduce the cost of shipping a motorcycle to Arizona.

After your motorcycle is inspected and loaded by an experienced staff at your house/work or one of our terminals, it will be:

  • loaded inside a fully enclosed deck, protected from the weather
  • secured by a minimum of four front lashings and two rear lashings, with more if needed
  • automatically covered for up to $5000 of liability insurance for your peace of mind.