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Need to ship a motorcycle to Rhode Island? Our truckers pass through Rhode Island ALL the time! Your moto will just hitch a ride. It's one of the cheapest places to ship!

How it Works

1) A trucker will meet with you in any state and load your motorcycle into the truck. Don't worry, it'll be safely secured to a pallet.
2) Your bike will be shipped to Rhode Island or anywhere you tell us.
3) You or someone you designate will need to be at the front door. We do door-to-door shipping.


What separates us from the competition? Firstly our service & price, then reviews! Feel free to read them.

Y-Drive Inc BBB Business Review

Are you moving or going on a one-way trip?

Have you just purchased a bike from clear across the country? If so, why not arrange for us to ship it for you? We can handle the logistics. You just tell us what, when and where. When searching for affordable quotes for shipping a motorcycle to and from Rhode Island, feel free to use our instant quote button. Just fill in the zip code and vehicle type and you’ll see an instant quote pop up. If you like what you see, hit the “email quote” button at the bottom of that page to obtain a more detailed agreement.

There are several reasons we ship motorcycles to Rhode Island. Mainly, the service is for riders who are taking a one-way road trip and need a method of getting their bike back home, or for riders who bought a bike in another state and need it shipped to their home in Rhode Island. Other riders are moving across country and need a way to ship their cycle without having to drive it themselves. Put your faith in our company, as an industry leader known for hauling bikes to Rhode Island from all states and Canadian provinces.

Ship a Motorcycle to/from Rhode Island - Get Rates Here!