Tips for Riding in the Rain

There are inherent dangers that come with riding motorcycles, even in perfect weather and road conditions. When the weather acts up, riders need to take every precaution possible to not only insure safety, but to encourage comfortable and hassle-free rides. Here are a few tips that riders should focus on when riding during rain/heavy winds/snow etc.:


  • DRESS APPROPRIATELY: Wet jeans and soggy socks do not make for an enjoyable ride. Your jacket, pants, and boots should definitely be rainproof. Helmets should cover your entire face, protecting against heavy winds and horizontally moving rain – do not let anything impede your ability to clearly see the road and other drivers.
  • APPLICABLE TIRES: Do not go driving in the rain with slick tires – you will get an up-close and personal look at the asphalt. Street bikes should be especially concerned with this.
  • WHAT ARE YOU DRIVING OVER?: As the rain loosens oil in the roads, manhole covers, train tracks (cross these perfectly perpendicular), cats-eyes, and painted lines all discourage friction – make sure to safely avoid them. The most dangerous time to drive, due to oil and dirt being kicked up, is right after it starts raining. If possible, wait a few hours before riding. Keep an eye out for puddles and potholes as well.

  • DRIVING TACTICS: Do not brake as hard as usual. In fact, make sure to use more rear brakes than frontals. Reduce speed where applicable.

Have fun, be prepared, and most importantly, be safe. We don’t have to avoid the roads like the plague when it is raining, we just need to be smart.

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