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Ship a Motorcycle to/from Illinois

Motorcycle Shipping Cost to Illinois.

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Just enter your two zip codes as well as the year, make, & model. You'll see the price instantly. Then you'll have the choice to place an order or email the quote to yourself for future reference.

How it Works

1) We can pick it up at your door or at a terminal and put it on a pallet. The truckers are experienced and have lift gates.
2) We will transport your motorcycle to or from Illinois
3) Finally we'll drop it off at your front door or wherever you tell us.


Want to read our reviews? We have a lot of great reviews and maybe a couple not so great reviews. We are a real company.

Y-Drive Inc BBB Business Review

If you have an ATV, sportbike, touring bike, trike, jet ski, or snowmobile rather than a motorcycle, no problem. We can haul all your “toys”.

Our car shipping company prides itself on the fact that we’re not a lead generation company that will sell your contact info to other motorcycle shippers.

Complete with staff and an office, we vow to NEVER buy or sell leads. And because we are a large, experienced, reputable motorcycle shipping company, our customers are treated to a cost savings thanks to our economies of scale.

That’s why nobody can beat quotes from our company, a leader in the industry.

Ship a Motorcycle to/from Illinois - Get Rates Here!