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How it Works

1) We will pick up your moto anywhere in USA
2) Most motorcycles go to Minnesota. We will transport yours anywhere in Minnesota.
3) Since we offer door-to-door shipping, we will need someone available to receive your motorcycle delivery.


Reviews and more reviews. We have lots. We are a real company with a staff. Our professionalism reflects in the reviews.

Y-Drive Inc BBB Business Review

Trust us to ensure your motorcycle is:

  • inspected and loaded by an experienced worker at your house, business or conveniently located terminal
  • secured by a minimum of four lashings in the front and two in the back for ultimate protection
  • loaded into a fully enclosed deck so as to provide protection from rain and snow on the trip
  • covered automatically for up to $5000 of liability insurance.

How It Works?

When transporting a motorcycle to Minnesota using our services, you will meet up with one of our transporters to begin the pick-up process.

The driver will use a lift gate to safely and efficiently load your motorcycle onto the enclosed truck, ensuring no damage occurs. The enclosed truck provides much-needed protection from the weather, which is really good for all motorcycles, especially high-end choppers.

You’ll also notice that we are a real car shipping company with staff and an office – not a lead generation company, which is a type of less-than-reputable company that sells your contact information to other motorcycle shippers.

Rest assured, we DO NOT buy or sell leads! You can rely on our ability to provide affordable shipping services because we happen to be a large, experienced motorcycle shipping company with unbeatable costs.

Ship a Motorcycle to/from Minnesota